Here you will find the most recent works published by professors and students of the Graduate Program in Informatics.


Ferroelectret-based Hydrophone Employed in Oil Identification – A Machine Learning Approach LUNA, D. R. DE, PALITÓ, T.T.C., ASSAGRA, Y.A.O., ALTAFIM, R.A.P., CARMO, J.P., ALTAFIM, R.A.C., CARNEIRO, A.A.O., JR., VICENTE A. DE SOUSA

On the exact solution of a large class of parallel machine scheduling problems BULHÕES, T., SADYKOV, R., SUBRAMANIAN, A., UCHOA, E.

Optimizing single-finger keyboard layouts on smartphones HERTHEL, A.B., SUBRAMANIAN, A.

On the exact solution of vehicle routing problems with backhauls QUEIROGA, E., FROTA, Y., SADYKOV, R., SUBRAMANIAN, A., UCHOA, E., VIDAL, T.

Solution strategies for the vehicle routing problem with backhauls SUBRAMANIAN, A., QUEIROGA, E.

Formation control of unmanned micro aerial vehicles for straitened environments SASKA, M., HERT, D., BACA, T., KRATKY, V., NASCIMENTO, T.P.

A Distributed Approach for the Implementation of Geometric Reconstruction-Based Visual SLAM Systems RAMOS NETO, O.A. ; LIMA FILHO, A.C. ; NASCIMENTO, T.P.

Pure Perception Motion Control based on Stochastic Nonlinear Model Predictive Control NASCIMENTO, T.P., DÓREA, C.E.T., GONÇALVES, L. M.G.

Introduction to the Robotica  NASCIMENTO, T.P., BRITO, A.V., COLOMBINI, E.L., GONÇALVES, L.M.G.

A Framework to Support Experts in the Study of Energy Efficiency in Urban Trains QUEIROZ., M.D., PALMEIRA, R.A.P., DE MELO, F.T., DANIEL, R.G., RIQUE, I.T.A., GUIMARÃES, A.C.P., MARTINS, M.B., LINO, N.C.Q.

A Self Adjusting Approach for Temporal Dropout Prediction of E-Learning Students SIEBRA, C.A., SANTOS, R.N., LINO, N.C.Q.

Towards an Information Infrastructure for Medical Image Sharing MOTTA, G.H.M.B., ARAÚJO, D.A.B., LUCENA-NETO, J.R., AZEVEDO-MARQUES, P.M., CORDEIRO, S.S., ARAÚJO-NETO, S.A.

Cooperative monitoring and dissemination of urban events supported by dynamic clustering of vehicles ANDRADE, E., VELOSO, K., VASCONCELOS, N., SANTOS, A., MATOS, F.

CNN Prediction Enhancement by Post-Processing for Hydrocarbon Detection in Seismic Images SOUZA, J.F.L., SANTANA, G.L., BATISTA, L.V., OLIVEIRA, G.P., ROEMERS, E., SANTOS, M.D.

Denial-of-Service Attacks on Software Defined Networks PASCOAL, T.A., FONSECA, I.E., NIGAM, V.

SEP of the M-ary θ-QAM signals under 𝜂−𝜇fading and AWGN noise in a communication system using spatial diversity SILVA, H.S., ALMEIDA, D.B.T., QUEIROZ, W.J.L., MADEIRO, F., FONSECA, I.E., DE ALENCAR, M.S.

Cascaded Double Beaulieu-Xie Fading Channels SILVA, H.S., ALMEIDA, D.B.T., QUEIROZ, W.J.L., FONSECA, I.E., OLIVEIRA, A.S.R., MADEIRO, F.

On solving the capacitated routing and spectrum allocation problem for flexgrid optical networks ARAÚJO, C.M., SILVA, J.M.P., SUBRAMANIAN, A.; FONSECA, I.E.

Personnel scheduling during Covid-19 pandemic ZUCCHI, G., IORI, M., SUBRAMANIAN, A. 

A new route to piezo-polymer transducers: 3D printing of polypropylene ferroelectrets ASSAGRA, Y.A.O., ALTAFIM, R.A.P., CARMO, J.P., ALTAFIM, R.A.C., RYCHKOV, D., WIRGES, W., GERHARD, R.

Iterated local search for single machine total weighted tardiness batch scheduling QUEIROGA, E., PINHEIRO, R.G.S., CHRIST, Q., PESSOA, A.A., SUBRAMANIAN, A.