The Old Course Rules were approved by CONSEPE, with resolution No. 36/2005, for the classes of the years 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2009, changes were made to the Course Rules, and it was approved by CONSEPE with the resolution 05/2009. Subsequently, in 2014, the resolution was revised again, generating the document (Resolution 60/2014) approved by CONSEPE (available for consultation). In 2017, the collegiate of the program, aiming also to provide the Doctorate in Informatics course, rewrote the 2014 resolution. The document (Resolution 37/2017) approved in all instances of the University is the resolution currently in force in the PPGI:


    1. Procedures for requesting Defense (download);
    2. Defense Extension Request (download);
    3. Defense Banking Application (download);
    4. Final Dissertation Template (LaTeX – recommended) (word)


For the professors who are members of the PPGI Permanent Faculty, here are some documents and / or forms:

    1. Statement of Orientation for Regular Student (download word file)
    2. Guidance Statement for Special Student (download pdf file)
    3. Advisor’s Opinion (to be attached to the students’ requirements) (download word file)
    4. Current resolution for the re-accreditation of the Program’s teaching staff (effective 2019-2020) (download the PDF file).
    5. Current resolution for the accreditation of new teachers (download PDF file)

Qualis Conferences in Computing 2016(download arquivo)

Previous resolution for the Program’s accreditation and re-accreditation of the Program (effective 2017-2018) (download arquivo .pdf)

Regular Students

In order to meet the demands of the PPGI, the following are some procedures frequently needed by Regular Masters Students, according to their needs:

  1. PPGI registration form (download pdf)
  2. Requirement to apply for allowance (link)
  3. PPGI Application (download word)
    • For application to take advantage of subjects (taken or as a special student, or as use of other post-graduate program (s) recognized by CAPES);
    • For application for locking in disciplines or in the period, according to the rules of Regulation 05/2009 of PPGI;
    • For Master’s Diploma application, after all the required steps have been completed;
    • Other requests.
  4. Enrollment in a directed study
      • Template for the Work Plan (to be delivered in the Registration Act) (download word);
      • Template for the Activity Report (to be delivered at the end of the Academic Semester)(download word).
  5. Enrollment in teaching internship
    • Template for the Lesson Plan (to be delivered at the time of enrollment) (download word);
    • Template for the Class Report (to be delivered at the end of the semester)(download word).
  6. Enrollment in special studies
    • Model for the Study Plan in the Special Studies discipline (to be delivered 1 week before the beginning of the master’s enrollment, for approval in the Collegiate)(download word);
    • Template for the Final Report of the Special Studies discipline (to be delivered at the end of the Academic Semester, for approval by the Board) (download word).
  7. Final Dissertation
  8. Finalization of the Master / University Degree
    • Read me (guidelines) – MANDATORY READ! (download);
    • Standard Requirement (download);
    • Advisor’s Final Report (download);
    • Sucupira Form (download);
    • CD Template (download);
    • Central Library Term (download). Read the instructions updated by the library in this link;
    • Authorization Term – Sucupira Plataform (download);
  9. Change to new curriculum

Note: The application must be delivered signed at the program secretariat.

Special Students

For candidates for the master’s degree, who either did not have the opportunity to enroll in the last PPGI selection process, or who did not pass, and wish to take courses such as SPECIAL STUDENTS:

    1. Application to apply for registration as a SPECIAL STUDENT(download pdf);
    2. Statement by the Professor that as a member of the Permanent Faculty of PPGI will accompany the student as a special student(download pdf);
    3. Proven Curriculum Vitae;
    4. School Records;
    5. 1x Photo 3×4


Resolution 001/2011 of the PPGI, which provides for rules and criteria for the granting and monitoring of the activities of those receiving scholarships from the Program[IMPORTANT] (download pdf)

    1. Necessary documents for Scholarship Register
    2. CAPES / CNPQ / PRPG Scholarship Activity Report (download word)
    3. CAPES REUNI Scholarship Activity Report(download word)





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