Online Defense Guidelines


Following the recommendations of Ordinance 090 / GR / Rectory / UFPB on the procedures for online defenses. The PPGI collegiate, in an extraordinary virtual meeting held on 03/17/2020 and with the intention of guiding the professors and students of the program, decided on the following rules:

    1. Student must e-mail his presentation and PDF dissertation to the advisor.
    2. Advisor schedules the date and time with the members of the board and forwards the documents to the board members, in a timely manner for the defense.
    3. Advisor must register the bank on the SIGAA platform and send proof of defense requirements to the PPGI secretariat.
    4. The PPGI coordinator must ratify the bank and the secretary must send the minutes to the supervisor.
    5. The defense must be carried out via web-conference using programs such as Hangout, Skype, ZOOM Teams, etc.
    6. The link from where the online conference will take place must be sent to the coordination through the form, at least 24 hours in advance.
    7. After the defense, the advisor sends the minutes by email to the members of the board, who sign and return the signed document.
    8. Finally, the supervisor sends the signed minutes to the secretariat.

Note: Filling in the form and publishing the conference link is mandatory to make PPGI’s online defenses public, we ask the advisors to register.

Main Library

Attending the public and receiving demands via e-mail and through SIGAA

Orientation for UFPB masters and doctoral students and preparation of catalog sheets for masters and doctoral students who are unable to generate them via SIGAA

Elaboration of catalog files for Editora UFPB (via OMP System).

Providing technical support to the UFPB Library System (unification of duplicate MARC records in the catalog and technical questions)

Attending to the public and receiving demands will be carried out via e-mail

Deposit of theses and dissertations:

EXCLUSIVELY via email at:

File format

Digital format (PDF format file selectable) of the final version of the respective work

Authorization Form for Publication of Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The author should also send, via e-mail, the Authorization Form for the Publication of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (TDEs), duly completed and signed by the author, in PDF format.

Deposit slip at the Central Library:

    • The Exchange Sector will forward via e-mail to the author of the thesis or dissertation the document proving the deposit at the Central Library.
    • The Document of Proof of Deposit will be generated in the SIPAC system with electronic signature from the server, within forty-eight (48) hours, counted from the sending of the email by the author.

Note 1: In the teleworking period of the Central Library, the authors will not deposit the physical copy (hardcover bound print) and the DVD.

Note 2: The author will be able to deliver the printed version and the DVD after returning from face-to-face activities. This measure is of an exceptional nature and will be in effect for the period that total suspension of face-to-face service in the UFPB Library System is maintained.